The Hindu Tantric World: An Overview

The Hindu Tantric World
Andre Padoux
December 26, 2016

Tantra is a tantalizing tradition. The body and complex esoteric (sometime sexual) rituals are as essential to Tantra as mysticism and sacred meditation. But Tantra, in André Padoux’s estimation, is far from being a marginal sect. It is rather a core part of Hindu philosophy. In Part One of the book, Padoux introduces the history of Tantra, its origins, its foundational texts, and its major beliefs. Part Two has chapters on the Tantric body, sex, mantras, ritual, mysticism, sacred geography, and iconography. The final section explores Tantra today, both in India and in the West. This book, a comprehensive introduction to Tantra by the world’s leading expert in the field, will appeal to students, specialists, and anyone interested in the ideas that have shaped the Hindu Tantric worldview.

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